NanoTec-ERA, How it works.

THE PROBLEM: Up until recently, you had to accept the fact that you could do little to help ensure your HVAC&R systems performance and longevity.  Having expensive maintenance and service contracts does little for your HVAC&R performance and address rising operational costs.  Now you have an option to help address both performance and service costs.

Simply, your Air Conditioner, Custom Refrigeration and Chiller are losing efficiency.  It’s a well known fact, by design, your systems are losing efficiency to Oil Fouling (ASHRAE).  It’s no secret that oil “gunks” things up.  This condition causes two primary efficiency issues:

  1. Insulates the refrigerant lines.  (ex#1)
  2. Restricts refrigerant flow. (ex#1)

Oil fouling left#1     NanoTec-ERA right#2

The effects to the systems performance are numerous: (ex#3)

  1. Thermal transfer is reduced and produces warmer conditioned air.
  2. Time to condition the room air increases system runtimes.
  3. Clogged lines require compressors to pump harder to push refrigerant and oil through lines.
  4. Compressors are required to operate at higher amp draw levels to operate
  5. Systems run hotter and longer than necessary
  6. System life is reduced
  7. Maintenance is increased
  8. Operational cost is increased




THE SOLUTION: NanoTec-ERA is a biomedical device coating.  It is specifically designed to coat and protect metal surfaces from contamination.  When used as an additive and injected into the refrigerant lines of any HVAC&R system, it rides along at speed in the thermal transfer lines and cleans, by dislodging all the inside tube surfaces of gunk / oil fouling.  Then does exactly what it was designed to do; adhere itself to the clean metal surfaces.  (ex#2)

Nanette-ERA cleans and protects amazingly well.  Most importantly, it addresses very well known problems associated with all HVAC&R systems.  Oil Fouling (ASHRAE), decreased laminar flow, decreased pressure at the evaporator and condenser.

NanoTec-ERA restores your systems performance to new levels.  The conditioned air will be dramatically improved.  Compressors will be running optimally and the laminar flow of your refrigerant will be as high as the manufacturer originally designed.  Thermal transfer will be at peak performance.

Shorter runtimes = less energy used and will show up immediately on your electricity bill.


NOTE:  It is important to make clear, NanoTec-ERA does not mix with the refrigerant or lubrication.  We do not claim to improve the performance of the refrigerant or the lubrication.  We restore the systems to operate as if they were new again.  The restored gains are guaranteed for the life of your system.  Our clients, on average, recover over 15% efficiency.  15% efficiency gains translates to a 7% to 13.5% reduction in your electricity bill. (Department of Energy)