PowerTec-10, How it works.

Problem: Lead acid batteries are used in hundreds of applications and they all use the same technology, lead cores soaking in an electrolyte solution. (ex#1)  This technology is easy to reproduce and is applied widely across industries from automobiles to forklifts to data centers to solar array energy storage.     The problem is that they are costly, highly corrosive, toxic to the environment and have a relatively short lifespan. (ex#2)

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Lead acid batteries are designed to naturally decay over time.  The lead core cells initially corrode by electrolysis but that natural process also creates lead sulfate which eventually turns into sulphuric acid.  The sulphuric acid accelerates the cell core erosion process.

The cell core size and wall thickness is directly associated with the batteries capability to store, hold and discharge current.  As the cell core decays, the performance and capability of the battery decreases exponentially.


PowerTec-10 helps prevent cell core damage and will double the warrantied lifespan of lead acid batteries.  You can now save significant dollars by using half as many batteries and reduce your environmental impact.

tec moleculePowerTec-10 is an organic polymer additive designed to coat the lead acid battery wall cores and helps prevent the natural occurring lead sulphate chemical reaction.  This stabilizing process significantly reduces corrosion to the lead battery wall cores and helps maintain the new battery performance.

The result:

  1. Longer new battery performance levels
  2. Stores a charge faster
  3. Holds a charge longer
  4. Longer battery life (2x guaranteed)

Note: Midlife batteries benefit from PowerTec-10 in the same way as new batteries.  PowerTec-10 gently removes existing corrosion by first breaking down the lead sulfate into fine crystalline particles which fall off the lead cell surfaces.  Once clean, PowerTec-10 coats the lead surfaces and helps prevent the natural occurring lead sulphate chemical reaction.  Once installed, we warranty 2x the remaining life of the warrantied battery.

No matter what your battery condition is, if you’re using it, we can help revitalize it’s performance.  Most clients receive an R.O.I. greater than 45%.