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Welcome to Xelnt Inc.

Xelnt Inc. is the exclusive USA distributor for a patented efficiency recovery and battery life extension products. Incorporated in 2007 in the state of California as a privately owned company. Headquartered in Chino, CA with our incubator office at the LACI Cleantech in Los Angeles, CA.  Xelnt is the sole distributor of NanoTec-ERA and PowerTec-10 in the USA.

Owner and CEO: Sonny Patel

Business Development: Mike Robkin

Sales and Marketing: Michael Nakamura

Xlent Inc. is also a portfolio company of LACI – Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.  LACI is our global business advisor.  Our membership with LACI is one that we earned for our focus on clean technology and for our ability to help Los Angeles and the planet reduce their dependance on utilities and ensure a smaller carbon footprint.

Port Tech Los Angeles is another advisory and mentor group to Xelnt Inc.  They have been instrumental in helping us navigate the industries, especially maritime and the Port of Los Angeles.

Both partnerships have been instrumental in helping our technology get introduced to the Leadership, Green Initiatives, Utilities, Laboratories and Companies that are furthering Xelnt Inc.


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