Personal Air purifier


Mobile disinfection & deodorant spray to take it with you everywhere you go


Home & Office disinfection and deodorizing power


A technological breakthrough came from a Japanese scientist, Kiyohiro Wake, inventor of the Blocker®.  The Blocker is the result of thirty years of research and development resulting in a safe and effective patented Chlorine Dioxide formulation for antiviral and antibacterial protection.

The antiviral research and testing development team collaborated with many prestigious labs in Japan including the University of Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Sciences, Daiso Laboratory, and Maple Laboratories to produce a very safe and effective product.

The granular base ingredient of Sepiolite, an ancient porous earth clay mineral, which is infused with Chlorine Dioxide (CL02) creates the core ingredients of the Blocker®.

Blocker®  has obtained a patent as a portable space bacteria eliminator using
independent structure, design, and name registration. The expectation of safety and efficacy
led to winning the Grand Prize at the Tokyo Business Summit in 2011. Since then, millions of packets have been sold in Japan. Blocker® is a revolutionary one of a kind product, in the world.